Alissa (twistedangel617) wrote in sparklegraphics,

Members Only!

TO JOIN: Visit the INFO

Read the rules that the community has in the userinfo

Be sure to add the community to your friends list so you can view the entires

All Entries are locked

You do not have to ask to be added, so don't ask me too 'add' you but be sure to ADD sparklegraphics to your FRIENDS LIST so you can see the entries.
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I wanna sparkle.
oooooooooooo I wanna sparkle ! : ) : )
read the rules you missed some stuff!
Can you add me please?
"I wanna sparkle"
please re-read the rules u missed something...
I've read the rules and i added you so add me?
Add me please? I added you and read the rules. I fully understand everything. :)
I added u to friends list. can u add me back?
I wanna sparkle
i added you to my friends list...can you add me back??
add us then ill add u...and link us too
I wanna sparkle Add me please? I added you! ;-)
i dont see us added to ur friends list when u do comment and let me know then ill add u


16 years ago

Hi gals!

I'm not sure what happened - I thought I joined a little while back. (I even have you guys linked on my user info page) But I'm not able to view the entries, and I'm not listed as a friend.

Maybe I missed something - who knows?! But, in any case, can you add me? THANKS!!

I've added you and I'll add the link button as soon as I can. Sorry I posted in the wrong place...
hook me up "I wanna sparkle!"
u forgot 2 things look at the rules..
I wanna sparkle. But I do have one concern first. It says that I have to add the community to my friends list, right? I don't mind adding you personally if you want to monitor your stuff or whatever, but I don't want people I don't know reading about my life. Surely that is understandable. Right now, only people I actually know are added to my friend list. Surely that is understandable. The internet is not a safe place. Is there any way to step around this? And if not, then I will pass and thank you for reading this. :)
I'm sorry. I repeated myself a couple of times. Blame it on lack of sleep. Heh.
i wanna sparkle! can i be added?!
read the rules u forgot something

and for everyone also if u forgot to do something in the rules and u comment and i look and u forgot to do it u will not be reminded u will just no be added


16 years ago

add me


16 years ago


16 years ago


16 years ago