Alissa (twistedangel617) wrote in sparklegraphics,

Members Only!

TO JOIN: Visit the INFO

Read the rules that the community has in the userinfo

Be sure to add the community to your friends list so you can view the entires

All Entries are locked

You do not have to ask to be added, so don't ask me too 'add' you but be sure to ADD sparklegraphics to your FRIENDS LIST so you can see the entries.
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add me please...i added u and read the rules
Can I be added please? I will always give credit and I read the rules and have no problem following them.
read and agreed.
please add.
well u havent added sparklegraphics as a friend yet or linked us when u do comment ull be added
i want in
i agree to everything i'll add u... add back?
add us and link us and let me know then ill add u
May I please be added. I have added you on my list, and I have placed a picture link to this journal :)

i added u because u linked but please add us to ur friends list asap
Please add me..thank you
Add me please! :)
Hey there, May i please be added :)
Cheers, Kate
Can I plzs be added?
hey, I added you and read the rules,mind to add me back?:)
add as friend and link first then let me know and ill add u to the community

I wanna sparkle


16 years ago


15 years ago

hi! this community looks amazing!i've already read all the rules and linked you in my lj, so i think i'm good to go. will you please add me? thank you!!!:)
add us as a friend if u read the rules u would have know to do this...
added you..add me back?
please add me...

I'd like to sparkle :)
read the RULES because ur missing stuff
may i be added please?