Alissa (twistedangel617) wrote in sparklegraphics,

Members Only!

TO JOIN: Visit the INFO

Read the rules that the community has in the userinfo

Be sure to add the community to your friends list so you can view the entires

All Entries are locked

You do not have to ask to be added, so don't ask me too 'add' you but be sure to ADD sparklegraphics to your FRIENDS LIST so you can see the entries.
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read the rules..add me...
I have followed all the rules
please +add+ me back
<3 ANJi
Hey! I was a member at licious graffix, can I be added to this one too? ♥
listen, im sorry i stole the flipping icon. i didnt know it would be an issue. i was going to try and make a post in this journal crediting the maker but cant. so if you would credit them for me. they did a nice job. but i still want to keep the icon
i read the rules and agree, add me back please? <3
read the rules and agree.add me please
read all the rules. added you waiting for conf.
thanks...cant wait!
read teh rules and added you..i love the header
hi yaz
I've read all the Rules,
Plz add me
love Pip x
i read the rules and agree to follow them so please add me back *thank you*
i read the rules + promise to follow them! add me plz :)
Read rules, add me?
Read the rules! Add me please?
Can I be added please?? <3
i added u to my friends and put up a link
p.s. and i read the rules and promise to follow