Alissa (twistedangel617) wrote in sparklegraphics,

Members Only!

TO JOIN: Visit the INFO

Read the rules that the community has in the userinfo

Be sure to add the community to your friends list so you can view the entires

All Entries are locked

You do not have to ask to be added, so don't ask me too 'add' you but be sure to ADD sparklegraphics to your FRIENDS LIST so you can see the entries.
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just joined...
i joined the com. and added you.. can ya add me? =]
can u not read????? read the post im SICK of people telling me to add them, read the whole post already!
Everytime I Try To Fly I Fall

I would like to be added. I'm at work so I don't have access to my photobucket account, but I will link to your journal as soon as I get home.
Everytime I Try To Fly I Fall and I added you <3 Thanks!! :D I also add the link so.....hehe plz add me
i added you, and also put the icon in my user info but the link wouldnt work you are more than welcome to fix it because i'm clueless at this. also "Everytime I Try To Fly I Fall". sorry if i messed up.
ok added u

let me know if u get a confirmation email or something
please add me
no can do

u didnt do any of the stuff u were supposed to


16 years ago

i agree to the rules and I added you just waiting for conformation?? :)
Read the rules. added you and put the link in my journal

Everytime I Try To Fly I Fall
Hello. I have just joined the community and added it to my friends list. I read all the rules. Could I possibly become an icon poster here? I would be posting older icons that I have previously posted in my icon journal. I will go place a link back to sparklegraphics right now.
I read the rules & I added yah
may I be added?
why did you put everytime i try to fly i fall? was it because all the other posts had it??
i did all i was supposed to do.. read the rules (they're fair).. and added you! add me?? please?
i wanna sparkle can you add me plzz?
Can i sparkle? I added your community not u? I'm confused do i av 2 add u aswell? Can u add me pretty plz x-X-x
remove me from your friends list and add the community
please add me <3<3
i added and everything
and i know how to give proper credit = )
hehe thanxz
hey i made you one of my friends and joined the community and i get all the rules. im really excited to join but i havent got the email yet.