Alissa (twistedangel617) wrote in sparklegraphics,

Members Only!

TO JOIN: Visit the INFO

Read the rules that the community has in the userinfo

Be sure to add the community to your friends list so you can view the entires

All Entries are locked

You do not have to ask to be added, so don't ask me too 'add' you but be sure to ADD sparklegraphics to your FRIENDS LIST so you can see the entries.
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i dont think i received a confirmation notice....
i sent u a confirmation email


16 years ago we still need to ask if we can be added if we've been a member of the community for awhile?
I was a member.. but I dont think I got the confirmation notice..yet?
i sent u one check ur email
no confirmation email yet?
i sent u a confirmation email just now

Deleted comment

u must have gotten the confirmation says u gotone..maybe if u leave then post again and ill add u again and u can look for the email?
hey can i be added please?
i just sent u a confirmation email
i agree to the rules and i have added you :)
read the rules. youve been added =)
hi! please add me! Thank you :-) have an awesome weekend!
i added you!!! and i put up a link too :P

nina :)
I love your icon! It's so pretty!


15 years ago

read the rules and added you, add me back please! <3
hey i added you n read all the rules..add me back please? <33
added you, please add me :)
Can I be added pretty please?
i got a confirmation e-mail without ever posting.. but i would like to be in here.. add me?
u have to accept the confirmation email you got wont let me send you another one it says you already have access to the community